5 Health Concerns Men Should Stop Ignoring

One popular saying claims that you should always be ‘better safe than sorry’, which is exactly what men often disregard and overlook potential health problems that can become much more serious. This bad practice must be stopped as soon as possible, so stay with us and learn about five health topics men should stop ignoring right now. Denial won’t get you anywhere, so keep reading!

Healthy eating and weight management

Eating healthy and taking care of your weight is not just an issue of aesthetics – it’s much more than that. Unhealthy eating habits can lead to obesity, which doesn’t reflect just on the size of your body – but also on your overall health that can be compromised by such habits. So, the first thing to do is to stop eating processed foods that are bursting with calories but are lacking in essential nutrients. Such foods are full of artificially added sugars that are highly likely to result in obesity and a number of health problems, so cut down this bad habit as soon as possible and start eating healthy!

Prostate cancer

More than 3300 Australian men die every year due to prostate cancer, which is one of the most common issues related to men over the age of 50. However, it can sometimes affect even younger men, especially those with a history of prostate cancer in their family, which is exactly why you need to be aware of the fact that early detection is the key to success. Make sure you have regular appointments with your doctor, just to be safe!

Heart diseases

Stress, smoking, lack of physical activity, and unhealthy diet are just some of the things that can lead to high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. These may subsequently cause various heart diseases and heart attacks, which mustn’t be overlooked. Some of the symptoms include central chest discomfort and/or pain that may spread to the jaw, neck, or shoulder, so make sure to see your doctor ASAP if you experience some of these. Of course, you can prevent heart diseases by eating smaller and healthier meals that include fatty fish and fresh fruits and veggies. Besides that, you should learn to manage your stress, too!

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is a really serious sleeping disorder which occurs when your breathing is interrupted during sleep. Some of the symptoms are snoring, chronic fatigue, restless movements, and laboured or interrupted breathing throughout the night, so you may want to see your doctor if your family or a partner notice these. Many Australian men actually have serious problems with this condition since it causes oxygen levels to fall, which further causes the body to wake from sleep and resume its natural breathing pattern. That’s exactly why these men are turning to sleep apnea treatment which helps with establishing a stable sleeping pattern by opening the airways and enabling them to maintain continuous breathing.


The fact is that suicide is one of the leading causes of death when it comes to Australian men younger than 44, which can be triggered by so many problems such as depression, finances, alcohol, relationship breakdowns, and many others. This is a very serious issue people often don’t want to talk about, which is exactly why many of them end up unable to find the way out of a difficult situation. If you’re thinking about suicide, please seek professional help or at least speak to a friend or a family member. Remember that every problem in this world can be solved, just talk openly about anything that bothers you.

Each of these five health topics is really serious, so make sure to understand their importance and not to neglect them. They must be treated as soon as you notice the first symptoms, so have that in mind and you’ll be able to successfully deal with them, without any doubt.

how-to-win-friends Book Reviews

How to win friends and influence people. A book…

This book is actually definitely one you need to read, written by Dale Carnegie published in 1936. You might say that’s an old book and the principles will be outdated. Fair assumption to think that but a lot of the content in the beak is still relevant. Why? Human behaviour is still the same as it was in 1936.

What do I mean when I say human behaviour is still the same 80 years later? Well the basic principles of human behaviour. some of the topics discussed in the book are:

Fundamental Techniques in Handling People
Six Ways to Make People Like You
Twelve Ways to Win People to Your Way of Thinking
Be a Leader: How to Change People Without Giving Offence or Arousing Resentment

The book gets into these topics in to great detail with case studies and personal experiences, from different people who have interacted with Dale Carnegie

One fundamental teaching of the book is talk in terms of the other persons interest. Everyone Wants something. And if you want to influence someone look at it from their point of view and see what they want. How to win friends? Just listen and take interest in them instead of talking about yourself.

Last thoughts

Overall the advice illustrated in this book is 85 per cent solid, and is a must read for anyone. Firstly it you an understanding of how to win at social interactions and win friends. I rate this book a solid eight out of ten doughnuts. Get onto it as soon as possible, and the best thing is because it is an older book, you can find a free copy on you can search for it here.


Beards though time – A retrospective look

When you think of beards you’re usually think of a simpler time, a time of bush rangers, presidents and kings. No need to be royalty to enjoy yourself some facial shrub. We will look at five historical men with their style and look of beard.


Ned Kelly

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Kelly is one of Australians most known outlaws. He is also known for his inventiveness by creating metal body armour when he faced the police in a fierce gun battle in 1880. His beard style is defined as the all out bush ranger style, weathered just enough to handle Australia’s roughest terrains. Kelly still remains a cultural icon that still inspires the beards in all of us.


King George V

George V is one of the last kings of England to sport a beard and moustache combo. He ascended the throne from the 6th of May 1910, till his death on 20th of January 1936. George appeared as a simple and hardworking man. He reflected upper middle class values of the time, which people admired him for.


Abraham Lincoln

Ask anyone to name a well known American president with a beard, and what you will heard is Abraham Lincoln. The man abolished slavery in the USA and fought a war to keep it that way. Although, the 16th president of the USA beard style is more sideburns and neckbeard, and lacks the moustache, its an iconic beard nonetheless, that is instantly recognisable.


Charles Darwin

Darwin was a naturalist and geologist, that is most known for contributing to the science of evolution, and the author of “On the Origin of Species”. A theory outlining evolution and natural selection. He grew his famous beard between 1862 and 1866, and it was fist photographed in 1868. Darwin had a full bushy beard, you could say it was full of knowledge. It would have aided in his search for the evolution of species.


Edward John Smith

Also known as the the captain on RMS Titanic. Became the most experienced captain on the white star line of ships. At his height of his career, Smith was responsible for operating all the flagships of the line. And eventually captain of the RMS Titanic on it’s maiden voyage. His beard was not long at all, it stood on it’s own as a full beard and had a timeless feel of the time. A beard like this doesn’t take much effort to pull off.

There you go, a list of prominent Australian bush rangers. Kings, presidents and scientist that could and did grow beards. Hopefully you can take inspiration to grow your own beard out, and in time will look just good as these men did with theirs.

beard-oil-sessentials Conversation

Beard Oil essentials

Welcome to beard bro, let’s talk about beard oil essentials.

Growing a beard seems like an easy thing to do. Instead of waking up early every morning for a meticulous shave, you can sleep in. In place of an involved morning routine, all you have to do is wash your face. But as carefree as growing a beard seems, that’s not necessarily the case. Sure, you’ll no longer have an epic grooming session every day. However, you’ll still need to take some precautions to ensure your beard looks its absolute best at all times. Beard oil is a perfect way to handle all your beard needs.

What Is Beard Oil?

In short, it’s the pint-sized answer to all your beard questions. Beard oil is a moisturising concoction made of essential oils and other conditioning ingredients. As an added bonus, there’s usually a nice, masculine scent thrown in for extra effect.

What Are The Benefits of Beard Oil?



In order to truly understand the impact of beard oil, we need to get technical for just a minute. Your face is full of sebaceous glands that generate sebum-your skin’s natural oil. However, they’re just big enough to moisturise your skin. When you start growing a beard, your sebaceous glands don’t grow with it. So now, on top of keeping your entire face hydrated, your glands now need to keep your ever-changing beard moisturised as well. That’s a lot to ask. In fact, that’s nearly impossible. That’s where beard oil comes in.

Think of beard oil as the ultimate sidekick for your glands. It picks up the slack where your sebum stops. Beard oil keeps your beard hair moisturised and soft. This gives your beard a clean appearance. It’s soft to the touch, and the moist state encourages healthy, new growth so you can stay on track for your beard goals.


Some stages of growing a beard, especially the early ones, are just plain uncomfortable. Beard oil is your best defense against the most common growth issues. Among other things, your beard is prone to itching, irritation, and even dandruff. Yes, you read that right-dandruff. When you’re clean shaven, your razor acts as a natural exfoliator. Your morning shave pulls the dead skin cells off your face. But when you grow a beard, those dead skin cells have nowhere to go. Without a proper moisturiser for your beard, you can end up with unsightly flakes. Dandruff is bad. But it’s even worse when it’s on your face.


Beard hair grows in differently than the rest of your hair. It’s coarser and thicker than the hair on your head. And for a lot of guys, it’s much curlier. As your beard grows in more and more, you’re more apt to experience pesky, and sometimes painful, tangles. When you’re fresh out of the shower, apply some beard oil and use a beard comb to straighten things out. Beard oil works as the perfect styling agent.

For the rustic men out there-the guy’s guys-who think beard oil is an unnecessary beauty product, think again. It’s not only a nice boost from an aesthetic standpoint-it’s essential for healthy growth.