3 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Beard Grooming

3 Easy Tips to Winter-Proof Your Beard

Winter is the perfect time for a man to sport a beard. It adds a layer of warmth and protection from the elements, and it gives him that rugged lumberjack look that seems to be all the rage these days. Ironically, however, beards are also at their most vulnerable during these chilly months due to the dry weather.

Fortunately, there are practical ways of making sure your beard is well-protected. Find out exactly how in the sections below.

Tip #1: Wear ample protection

Cover up your beard when outdoors, or you risk damaging it. The cold can cause ice to form and cling to individual hairs that may break off at the slightest touch. Strong winds can also be a problem. An easy way of protecting your beard is to tuck it into your scarf whenever you step outside.

Tip #2: Avoid drying it out

As tempting as they may seem during the cold season, hot showers can actually be harmful to your beard. They wash away natural oils, which can lead to dry, brittle hair. Wash your hair with cooler water to lock in the moisture and prevent it from drying out.

You can also take things a step further and get yourself a humidifier. Install one in your bedroom to maximize its benefits. This can help keep you and your beard safe from the dry winter air, and it has a number of surprising health benefits as well.

Tip #3: Use the right beard products

In a similar vein, you should invest in products that are specifically designed for beard maintenance. They’ll help tremendously in ensuring that you follow the first two tips, and there’s plenty of great options on the market today.

For cleaning your beard, regular shampoo won’t do. They can quickly dry your beard and the underlying skin. Use a wash that’s made for beards, preferably a product that contains no sulphates or silicones. Also, make it a habit to apply a good conditioner on your beard. This will clean your beard while keeping it soft and frizz-free. A good rule of thumb is to use conditioner up to four times a week and limit shampooing to just twice a week.

Beard oil and balm are other essentials to supplement your grooming routine. Rub them onto your hair twice a day, but you can use them more frequently if you have a thicker beard. Finally, get a comb to keep every strand of your beard in place. 

Taking care of your beard is literally as easy as one, two, three. Follow the tips listed above, and you’ll be sure your beard will make it through the winter unharmed.

Beard Bro: Complete Beard Essentials

Beard Bro has everything a man needs to make sure their beard is always looking its best. Try their specially formulated beard oil to keep your beard healthy. It has a warm, spicy scent that is perfect for the winter vibe. You can also buy the whole grooming kit, which comes with beard oil plus a comb and trimming scissors.

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Beard Bro - Our Guide to Using Beard Oil - Length of Time It Takes to Work Grooming

Beard Bro – Our Guide to Using Beard Oil

Growing a beard is part of improving your looks and showing your masculinity. Not only does it enhance your facial features, but it also determines your overall appeal and defines your character. However, some men aren’t gifted with a beard. While others don’t grow a beard as much, some maintain a dishevelled or an unnourished one. That’s where the use of beard oil comes into play.

As the name suggests, beard oils are meant to spruce up your beard. Not only do they grow your hair, but they can also make your beard look great, keep it nourished and moisturized. That said, you have to make use of beard oil regularly as part of your beard care routine.

The question is: how long does it take for the beard oil to work its effects? We’ll answer this in the following section. Keep on reading to find out more.

Length of time beard oil works

It’s worth knowing that beard oils generally take six to eight weeks to achieve the desired result. However, one should be aware of several factors that may impact the length of time it will take effect. Because of this, you should prepare to harness the benefits of beard oil within the stated timeframe. When using beard oil, the goal is to enjoy the benefits you want without unnecessary hassles.

Factors affecting the duration

As mentioned, the length of time that the beard oil works can be affected by several factors. Take note of the following factors:

  • Ingredients: The ingredients present in the beard oil have the highest bearing as to how long it will take effect. Keep in mind that the oil with powerful ingredients achieves the same ends within a shorter duration as compared to oil with less powerful ingredients. 
  • Formulation: This pertains to how the ingredients are mixed up or formulated. Basically, the formulation is sorted into two types – the stronger and the weaker formulation. The stronger formulation will undoubtedly take a shorter time to take effect.
  • Skin Nature: The nature of your skin is a crucial factor in determining the length of time the oil takes effect. In general, thicker and coarser skins take longer to achieve the desired outcome. On the other hand, when the oil is applied on smoother and softer skins, it takes a shorter duration to bring about the desired end.

Other uses of beard Oil

Out of the various reasons that people use beard oil, growing as much beard as one can in a desired period of time is often the primary one. However, there are other reasons to use beard oil, such as the following:

  • Skin moisturizer: An appropriately moisturized beard is unlikely to suffer from dandruff. Also, the scalp will be able to retain its suppleness for a longer period. Overall, this exudes a healthier and stylish appearance.
  • Fragrance: Many beard oil products are full of fragrances. When applied to the oil, they smell absolutely good, which adds to your confidence.

Most beard oil companies offer a holistic approach to taking care of your beard. When growing your beard, take note of the standard timeframe and a handful of factors that it as well as mentioned above. Given some of its benefits, you should definitely take advantage of the use of beard oil products.

If you’re looking to purchase beard oil in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

lotion instead of beard oil Grooming

Why Applying Lotion Instead of Beard Oil is a…

Moisturizers and body lotions are great for your grooming routine, especially when you’re trying hard to maintain your delicate skin. However, keep in mind that body lotions will not work well for your beard. Even if they can prevent lines and wrinkles from breaking out from your skin, the lotion cannot do much for the beard follicles unless they are still short stubbles. If your beard still feels rough, applying lotion can be the primary reason.

How about body lotion?

This type of lotion will not do wonders for your beard because it is for thicker skin in other parts of your body. Because of this, men who are trying hard to grow their beard longer must refrain from using body lotion on the chin to avoid irritation.

What happens when your beard is itchy?

Scratching your beard is not a pleasant experience, and applying lotion can only address the itch for a while. While it does moisturize your skin, lotion isn’t a permanent remedy. If you’ve given this a try, you’ll find that your beard often continues itching even after applying lotion. Instead of lotion, your beard and the skin beneath it need oil to look and feel great. Aside from the sebaceous glands that excrete sebum oil to lubricate your skin and beard, you will need beard oil to moisturize your chin hair. Beard oil also comes in different aromas that provide a pleasant smell.

Why use beard oil?

This sebum oil makes your beard feel smooth while retaining its moisture the moisture in your skin. It also serves as an additional barrier for your skin that locks in water. Beard oil also prevents itching on the chin due to dry skin caused by depleted sebaceous glands that do not increase production as your beard gets longer.

After a month of maintaining a beard, it outpaces the sebum production and dries the skin. You can address this concern by either drinking more water or applying beard oil to enhance the moisture of your skin. Using oil to longer beards is tricky, but you must look at beard-specific products if you want to maintain your facial hair.

Your beard deserves proper care

The last thing you would want is to apply another product in the morning, especially if you are trying to beat the traffic. However, while other tasks can prevent you from applying your beard oil, you will feel its importance once you begin to feel your beard getting itchy. The oil will also help you style the beard to make it look stunning. However, you must use natural beard oil and not the ones with synthetic fragrances and other chemicals that may cause skin irritation.

Try our Basic Grooming Kit

Looking for a beard oil to try? Visit the Beard Bro Australia site for the Wooden Spice Beard Oil. With a delicious aroma of cedarwood, cinnamon, and lavender, you’ll love not only the feel, but the smell! When you purchase the basic grooming kit, you’ll also receive a pocket comb, which makes beard grooming possible anywhere. 

Looking to purchase beard oil in Melbourne? Get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Best beard oil Melbourne Australia Grooming

A Guide to Choosing the Right Beard Oil

Just like how there is a near-endless array of beard styles, the variety of beard oils to choose from are aplenty—and this isn’t necessarily a great thing in most cases. 

With each beard being different in terms of its needs, growth patterns, and construction, having the right beard oil to keep it in shape is imperative.

The beard oil checklist

The best way to choose the right oil to suit your magnificent beard all boils down to taking several important factors into consideration: 

1. The list of ingredients that the beard oil uses

The secret to having a great beard lies in choosing the right beard oil to keep it in shape— and choosing the right beard oil entails knowing what’s in it. 

Taking a look at the ingredients list on your beard oil options will ensure that you aren’t putting your facial hair in great danger. The same goes for every other beard product you’ll use. While it may be nice to have a fragrant beard oil that doesn’t cost that much or an option that comes in a cool bottle, you may be putting your priceless beard at stake by exposing it to the wrong ingredients. 

When shopping for the right beard oil for you, you’re better off avoiding most of the fragrant options because they contain various harmful ingredients. Certain ingredients, such as fragrance oils, sulphates, or isopropyl alcohol can ruin the overall finish of your beard and cause the hairs to prematurely die out because of how strong the chemicals can be. One way to ensure that your beard is in good, beard oil-lathered hands is to go for the all-natural and plant-based options. 

A standard bottle of plant-based and all-natural beard oil will keep your beard healthy, strong, and conditioned. Jojoba oil, for example, is a proprietary natural ingredient found in natural options that can do wonders for your beard, so make sure to watch out for it! 

2. Your hair type

Another important factor to keep in mind when investing in a bottle of beard oil is the type of hair that you have. Regardless of whether your facial hair is dry, too oily, or coarse, it’s important to take your hair type into consideration when choosing a product to use. 

Most beard oil options make the task of choosing according to hair type much easier by providing type-specific options, such as dry-specific or coarse-specific options. In the same way that you’re supposed to know your skin for proper skincare, knowing what type of beard you have is essential in choosing the right products to work with.  

3. The scent that you want

Now, we might have said that crazy-smelling beard oils may not necessarily be so great for the health of your beard. Even so, there are various options on the market that still smell great and keep your facial hair in shape. 

Choosing the right type of scent for your beard oil, however, means that you’ll have to do quite a bit of research in terms of how well it matches your cologne and rubs off under your nose. If you don’t know your beard that well and don’t want to risk feeling the urge to remove it after applying the wrong scent on it, then you should go for unscented options. 

Final words

Choosing the right type of beard oil for your facial hair is a task that requires a great amount of care, consideration, and research to get right. Should you find yourself feeling quite confused with the entire selection process, then feel free to refer to this guide when searching for and investing in the right bear oil option! 

If you are looking to purchase beard oil in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

applying beard oil before bed Grooming

Applying Beard Oil Before Going to Bed – Our…

Combining carrier and essential oils gives your beard an enticing aroma while keeping the skin beneath it moisturized. However, most guys apply the oil to their beards in the morning and then proceed with their day. Practising this approach is commonly acceptable because you will want to look presentable in your meetings and engagements. However, some people who are invested in beard care will try to persuade others in applying beard oil at night instead.

Similar to applying beard oil in the morning, it is acceptable to rub oil onto your beard before you sleep at night. Unfortunately, you can be guilty of overapplying the oil if you will repeat the process in the evening. Because of this, it’s better to refrain from applying beard oil at night if you smothered some of it in the morning.

Adverse effects of excessive beard oil

Applying your beard with too much oil makes it look greasy and triggers other potential problems. If you’re following a skincare routine, the effects of too much beard oil will be evident. Aside from having oily skin, the pores will start to clog and cause blackheads or acne.

Meanwhile, essential oils provide the inviting scent of beard oil. It remains to be seen, however, whether or not it has detrimental effects on your skin when left for a long time. Though it is a natural ingredient, essential oils can accelerate the degradation of your skin. Therefore, applying more of it onto your beard is not the best of ideas because it can lead to skin irritation, headaches, and asthma attacks.

Find a separate carrier oil

If you’re applying beard oil twice a day, you must use a mild carrier like jojoba oil instead of pure beard oil. Carrier oils comprise the majority of beard oil blends, and it helps your beard look great. Getting pure carrier oil will save you money while getting rid of questionable substances like fragrances and essential oils.

Check online stores to browse their vast collection of carrier oils because they have more to offer than local stores. However, though they are safe to use, reducing the amount you apply by half is a reasonable precaution. Instead of using ten drops, apply five drops, and rub it onto your beard and skin. A lighter application of carrier oil prevents dripping and excessive moisture.

Apply the carrier oil and the beard oil about half an hour before you go to sleep to give the beard and the skin ample time to absorb the oil thoroughly. Following this guideline will reduce the adverse side effects of over-application and prevent the oil from staining your pillowcase.

For a better-looking beard

Applying another serving of beard oil adds a layer of moisture that makes you feel incredible about your beard. However, aside from repeated application, you must adjust the volume based on the signs that the beard and skin are showing. It helps to take photos before and after rubbing beard oil to compare the results and assess if you are satisfied with the finish.

Purchase your beard oil now

Beard Bro Australia offers the Wooden Spice Beard Oil, which has hints of cedarwood, cinnamon, and lavender. They also sell a pocket comb that makes beard grooming possible anywhere. Finally, you can buy both products at once by purchasing the Basic Grooming Kit. Visit the Beard Bro Australia website now and give your chin hair the care it deserves.

best time to use beard oil Lifestyle

Best Time to Start Using Beard Oil – What…

Many people grow their beards to keep in line with its growing trend. However, many of them do it without the proper knowledge of grooming methods. If your beard is itching right now, beard oils can get rid of that uncomfortable feeling while maintaining your beard’s smoothness.

Your loved ones feel comfortable as well

Your wife or girlfriend may have mentioned that your beard feels rough or spiky every time you have intimate moments. In such instances, this is where beard oil comes to the rescue. If you’re still a sceptic, you must start using it if you still have a medium or rough stubble. That way, you can begin caring for your beard correctly while it’s still short. Developing the perfect look for your beard will give you confidence in dealing with people, and it even promotes proper hygiene.

Develop a beard oil habit

You may think that you don’t need a beard oil after you shave. However, if you are thinking of growing your beard, you must start using the oil before your beard blossoms again. Using it when the beard already feels dry and itchy is already late because you won’t be able to treat the skin where the beard grows. Similar to your scalp, dandruff can also grow in your beard when the skin underneath is left untreated.

Because of this, it pays to start applying the beard oil as early as possible to condition the skin where it will grow. Doing so will help you deal with premature flaking due to dry skin. It’s great to use a beard comb while shaving to give it a pleasing shape.

It’s best to apply beard oil after taking a shower because the open skin pores can absorb the oil better. On the other hand, using the oil while your beard is still wet will not work.

How much and how often

The amount of beard oil depends on the thickness and length of your beard. Chin hair of up to 30 days will require four drops of beard oil while those that are three months old at most need six drops. Beards of up to a year require ten drops, while any beyond a year will need more than ten drops of beard oil.

While these measurements merely serve as a guide, you will arrive at the right amount after several rounds of trial and error. Perhaps you won’t need six drops because applying excess oil can cause it to drip. Instead, start with fewer drops and add to it as you see fit.

Meanwhile, the frequency of application depends on the climate. Those who live in humid areas can skip days because of the moisture, while those in dry climates must apply more than once daily. Using it every day will help you grow your beard better. You can extend the application to your head and neck because its ingredients also help skin healthy.

If you are looking to purchase beard oil in Melbourne, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

Frequently Asked Questions About Proper Beard Oil Application Grooming

Frequently Asked Questions About Proper Beard Oil Application

Beard oil conditions your beard to prevent beardruff. It also moisturizes this facial hair to prevent you from scratching while making the beard easier to style. However, while applying this substance is not complicated, there is a right way of going about it. 

Below are several questions that will guide you in using beard oil while briefly discussing its benefits.

When to apply beard oil?

It’s best to place it in your beard after taking a shower because that will be the time when your beard is at its cleanest. Likewise, your skin pores are open to absorb the oil to fight beardruff. You cannot apply oil when your beard is still wet, which is why you must dry it using a towel and leave the beard slightly damp before using the oil. 

How much oil is enough?

There’s a corresponding quantity of oil for the length and thickness of your beard. Beards up to a month old will need three to four drops of beard oil while one to three months require four to six drops. On the other hand, beards from three months to one year merit six to ten drops, while any beard older than a year needs at least ten drops.

You can use these measurements as a guide. However, the appropriate amount still depends on which one works best for you. It’s better to start with a smaller amount and add more drops once you feel comfortable with the previous quantity. 

How often do you need to apply beard oil?

The answer varies depending on the climate and length of the beard. While using beard oil every day is the ideal frequency, those who live in humid temperatures can skip days before applying the oil again. On the other hand, men who reside in a dry climate must use oil more than once. The regularity of application will ultimately depend on your preference.

Experts suggest though that using it daily can make your beard look more attractive. Likewise, you can also use beard oil on your head, neck, and other skin parts because they help keep your skin healthy.

What’s the proper way of pouring out the oil?

The goal is not to pour out excessive amounts of oil, even if the process is easy. Beard oils often come in packages of one to three fluid ounces, and they have built-in ways to make the pouring easier. If your bottle has a dropper, put it back into the container at once to prevent the risk of applying excess oil. Refrain from leaving it on a countertop because it will attract contaminants that can irritate your beard when you use it again.

What about applying the oil?

After pouring an ample amount of beard oil in your hands, rub it onto your beard. Remember, you cannot merely smother it on your facial hair as you wish. Instead, you must evenly spread it on your fingers and palms first before applying them onto the skin to keep the beard’s roots healthy.

After that, you can spread the oil by brushing your palms at the sides of your beard before doing the same action in front of it. Then, rub your hands down to the bottom of the beard and apply oil to your moustache using your fingers. 

How to properly comb the beard?

While regular combs will work fine, it’s best to use a special beard comb that can follow the shape of your facial hair. Using a beard-specific comb also prevents ingrown hairs and conditions your beard to grow away from your mouth. Likewise, combing the beard makes your beard look cleaner and helps to distribute the oil evenly.

You can properly comb your beard by going slowly to untangle the knots. Forcing it through the rough patches will force some hair strands to break away. Remove your comb if you encounter spots like these and gently comb until you break the knot. 

You must also start combing your beard from neck to chin to achieve a fluffy look and to separate the hair strands. Afterwards, comb your beard down to maintain its neatness. Beard combs will work better on longer beards and use combs with wider teeth to glide through the beard easier. 

Your ally in beard care

If you’re looking for beard oil in Melbourne, get in touch with Beard Bro today!

beard oil Lifestyle

5 Benefits to Using Beard Oil

Beard oil combines carrier and essential oils that moisturize your beard and the skin beneath. The carrier oil consists of coconut, grape seed, and argan, which is easily absorbed by the hair and skin. Meanwhile, essential oils are what give it a pleasant scent. You can purchase unscented beard oils if you just want to nourish your beard hair or if you have sensitive skin.

The first beard oils date back to ancient times, which mean that it is not a recent innovation. Because of this, many people are already aware of the benefits of beard oils. It’s just that newer beard oils smell better, and there are more variants for your choosing. More importantly, this type of oil helps maintain your beard’s hygiene.

It makes your beard look great

You grew your beard in the first place to make it visually appealing. After the initial discomfort that in maintaining its look, you can use beard oil to soften the hair and untangle joined strands. The lubricating effect also makes it easier to brush through the beard, especially for those who have long ones that can become dry and manifest split ends. Meanwhile, the moisturizing effect makes the hair shine and easily styled into any shape.

It nourishes your beard

The skin and hair remain healthy after absorbing the enriching and healing elements of natural oil. Applying it to your beard gives you a skin conditioner that includes anti-bacterial properties. The best carrier oils also contain vitamins and minerals that prevent inflammation. This oil also promotes healthy beard growth and improves the wellbeing of the hair.

It moisturizes it

Beard oil’s moisturizing effect prevents dandruff, which can also thrive in your facial hair. White bits of dry skin falling from your face rather than your head is an unpleasant sight. You can deal with this concern by applying beard oil through the skin underneath the beard before rubbing an ample amount of shampoo to keep it smooth.

It makes the beard comfortable

Growing a beard is irritating at first because of its itchiness. Chances are that you want to scratch it regularly or shave it off entirely before seeing the result you want. Beard oil will allow you to bear with the itchy feeling and provide relief as you go about your daily activities.

It softens the hair

Beards can disappoint ladies who don’t want to risk the ticklish or unpleasant feeling when kissing. Nothing can be more disappointing than someone saying that making out with you feels like they’re rubbing their chin on sandpaper. Fortunately, beard oil can make your facial hair softer and allow for more comfortable contact.

Get a complete beard grooming kit

Beard Bro offers a holistic approach to taking care of your beard. Their Wooden Spice beard oil has hints of cedarwood, cinnamon, and lavender, making for a delightful scent that other beard bros are sure to envy. Be sure to pick up a grooming kit that comes with oil, scissors, and a comb to start building a reputation as “that guy with the perfectly sculpted beard!”

If you’re looking for beard oil in Melbourne, get in touch with Beard Bro today!

Food & Drinks

5 Drinks That Are Manly AF

A real man knows his liquor. Not the fruity, bubbly, overly sweet, rainbow-coloured explosions women adore because they saw Samantha drinking it before her next big conquest – a man doesn’t drink from that side of the colour spectrum.

You need something manly, something with a kick and a twist that will not only set the stage for a night of healthy inebriation but will also portray your manly, devilish persona to the rest of the world. The ladies included.

You might not be spoiled for choice when it comes to manly drinks, but at least you will put everyone around you to shame and make all the girls pay attention to your presence, and your drink. Hard liquor demands attention and respect, so here are the top five manly AF drinks that will turn you into a real man.


A martini is a staple in any man’s repertoire. Reminiscent of the manliest figure to have ever graced the stronger, and fairer sex with his presence, James Bond sure knew how to handle his liquor and carry himself with an irresistible charm that won over even the coldest of hearts.

Like many manly things, a Martini is a simple drink served in a sophisticated glass that combines 3oz Gin and 1/2oz Vermouth and a couple of garnishes, such as an olive and a lemon twist. If you’re preparing it yourself, be sure to mind the details, such as whether you stir it or shake it, and do not complement the drink with more than two ice cubes.


Stepping into the realm of raw manhood slowly and there is no one better to draw your inspiration from than the crazy Russians. Yorsh is one of the manliest drinks around and is the best choice for quick and painful inebriation.

The drink is simple to make and relatively easy to chug, and chug you must, as it consists of ten parts beer and one part vodka. The ratio can, of course, vary depending on your taste preference. However, you are better off sticking to the basic formula until you’ve tried a few of these and lived to tell the tale.


Now we are in the manliest zone possible. There is nothing that says manly AF more than a glass filled with a rich, manly spirit that not only packs a punch, but will make you stand up straight and become a man. You see, one does not simply drink whisky like a schoolgirl tasting her first beer, you drink whisky with pride and confidence like you were born with a glass in hand and a cigar between your teeth.

These timeless spirits come in many hues, aromas and textures and if you’re serious about your liquor, you will research the best craft manufacturers, such as those making quality Australian whisky and stay clear from overpriced commercial brands. Having a home bar is your best option when it comes to whisky, too!

Black Russian

Back to the Russians again, this famous cocktail actually hails from Belgium and boasts a unique appearance due to its ingredients. If you want a dash of variety in your life but you still want the drink to be as manly as your previous choices, then you can’t go wrong with the Black Russian.

The preparation process is simple and manly, entailing two parts coffee liqueur and five parts vodka poured over ice in an old-fashioned glass. A unique taste, for a unique man. You are bound to turn some heads.

Flaming Dr Pepper

Interestingly enough, Dr Pepper is not actually an ingredient in this drink. The cocktail is said to taste like Dr Pepper and has therefore been named after everyone’s favourite soft drink. The drink itself is anything but soft, as it boasts three stiff ingredients that are guaranteed to ignite a fire in your heart and put some stupid ideas in your head.

Served in a shot glass, you will layer three parts Amaretto and one part high-proof spirit, set it on fire (that’s right) and then drop it into a pint of beer. Chug immediately and don’t stop before the glass is empty, or it would all have been for nothing.

There is nothing inherently wrong with drinking an appletini every once in a while if you like it, just make sure you’re not giving off the wrong vibe and ruining your chances of going home in good company. Be sure to stick to these five essential drinks and you will have no problem becoming the manliest man around.


Beards, What are they good for?

There is a reason you’re here, most likely you asked yourself why should I grow a beard? Or what does a beard do? How about can I save food for later? Or something along those lines. I’m going attempt to outline some reasons to grow a beard, and what they are good for. Also to answer your first question no you cant really store food for later. Lets get started.


Depends on what part off the globe you’re from, winter is either coming or going. With that said my usual audience its located in Australia, so the winter is almost out. How can a beard help though you may ask? With a thick cover of hair on your face, it breaks down the chill of the wind. So instead of a cold slap in the face you feel the mild caress of winters hand. And you thought winter had no chill.


What about on the other spectrum of the year, when the sun is out and ready to party? Where the same beard that can keep your face warm from the chill of winter, works both ways and prevents  you getting sunburnt. This obviously depends on how much growth you have, and how dense the forrest is. Makes sense that when guys shave their beards they have a pale baby face, imagine your chin not getting any Vitamin D for a year.


Ever had stubble, or a five o’clock shadow before? Who wants that kind of harshness on their skin or others in general? People think beards are rough, in fact they are pretty soft. I’ve received numerous compliments from women telling me that they are surprised that my beard is soft. Also imagine your face being surrounded by a pillow most of the time, that a good thing. Embrace it.


Women can apply makeup to pretty up their face, or hide imperfections. What do guys have? Beards. Simply by having a beard its a way to mask certain imperfections, or spots on your face. I mean you can apply makeup, but would you? Look, even if you can go full viking you can have a neatly maintained Maine that can make a world of difference.

And there you have it, that is some reasons (four in fact) as to what beards are good for. Primarily it’s to either keep you from getting cold or getting hot. While also helping make you look more defined, with the right grooming.